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teaching narrative composition

teaching narrative composition


Basically, one of the target of teaching and learning in English at school is to make the students are able to communicate both in oral and in written language. Writing in English has important part besides the three skills in English (listening, speaking and reading). Through writing, people can communicate with others across places and time. But, students’ inability to communicate through written language appears to be problematic at school. Most students are poor writers. When they read textbooks at school to improve their writing skill, they get frustrated in writing. In the past, conventional teaching approaches primarily focuses on vocabulary and grammar lesson. Therefore, the effectiveness of using such teaching approaches is limited. Most students are still unable to communicate with other through written language. Here, pictures series have some importance and benefits if they are used as media to teach writing. But on the other hand, the use of pictures series also has some negative sides. Read the rest of this entry »


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