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What Is Diary or Journal Writing?

Posted on: March 2, 2011

Diary or Journal Writing

Diary writing is also called as journal writing. It is not an academic exercise, a business report, or a formal letter. It is such a personal composition. Someone can record their experiences, thought, understanding, and explanation about ideas or concepts in their diary or journal.

The aim of writing diary is different for everyone. It depends on the personality. For most students, writing diary or journal just considered as the exercises from the teacher. They do not know the importance of it because they do not understand how diary could be useful for their future.


Types of Journal

According to Hiemstra (2002), there are some types of journal that have been developed for years. They are including:

1. Learning Journal

It is a type of journal that is written in a notebook or on a paper to record thought, reflection, feelings, personal opinion, etc. during learning or educational processes. This kind of journal helps the students to recall their memory about the things that they have learnt. They usually use recorder to help them reduce their capacity of writing during the lesson. Therefore, they will have more understanding about the materials.

2. Diaries

This is a common journal used by the students. They can write everything in diary, including their thought, ideas, feelings, experiences, problems, etc. freely. As stated by Progoff (1975) in Hiemstra (2002) that “diary writing usually involves the unstructured, chronological recording of the events of a person’s live”.

3. Autobiographies, Life Story, and Memories

This journal tells about someone’s story of life (usually from the birth till death), such as sad and happy experiences until she or he can reach her success. According to  Hiemstra (2002), reading autobiographies, life story, and memories can stimulate students self-reflection. Beside that, by writing autobiographies, life story, and memories can promote a sharing of experiences with others to examine similarities and differences between individual life stories.

4. Electronic Journaling

Another way to share the experiences, feelings, ideas, thoughts and so on is by using electronic journaling. This is a kind of journal where the students write about something and then they publish their writing by using internet access. This journal is popular now days. One of the examples of electronic journaling is writing and publishing something through “blogg”.

Benefits of Journal Writing

According to Hiemstra (2002), there are some benefits that will be gotten by writing journal. They are:

1.      Intuition and Self-Expression

One of the advantages of writing journal for the writers is in intuition and improving their self-expression. Many people ashamed or even cannot express their feelings, thoughts, and ideas to others. In this case, by writing journal they will have the opportunity to share everything that they feel freely.

2.      Problem Solving

Journal can be a problem solving for the writers. For example when they using electronic journaling to share about their problems. The readers of that journal that was posted can give their suggestions to the writer.

3.      Stress Reduction and Health Benefits

Writing journal can reduce the writers’ stress. It will be good for their health. By writing journal, the writers can share everything, whether they feel happy or sad. Sometimes, when someone feels so sad, she will be depressed especially when she does not any place for sharing. In this case, she can write journal to express what she feels. Therefore, her stress can be reduced.


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